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The St. Joseph Catholic School Parent & Student Handbook is very important, and we encourage our families to take the time to review it together. It is provided as a guide for students and for the promotion of good relationships and communications with those whom we serve. This Handbook was developed for you, the families and students of St. Joseph Catholic School, to ensure that we all have a common understanding of mutual responsibilities and expectations. It will provide you with an explanation of the policies and procedures that allow the school to operate smoothly in support of our mission to advance the academic moral understanding of our students.

St. Joseph's Catholic School takes seriously the charge you have entrusted to us. We believe that your enrollment at St. Joseph's Catholic School will prove deeply rewarding and abundantly fruitful - intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

*Please keep in mind that, in order to provide the best response to new situations or regulations, St. Joseph Catholic School reserves the right to evaluate concerns that may arise throughout the course of the school year and to create or enforce additional policies as circumstances may require.

Parent & Student Handbook